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Traditional Pawnshop Exhibition 澳門最古老的行業 - 典當業展示館及文化會館 (澳门最古老的行业 - 典当业展示馆及文化会馆)

Located just near the Senado Square, the Traditional Pawnshop Exhibition in Macau exhibits and explains how pawnshops were run and operated in the early times. There are many pawnshops operating in Macau before, and the pawn business in Macau can be traced back to the Qing dynasty.

As part of its mission to preserve the cultural heritage of Macau, the Cultural Institute of the Macau has restored "Tak Seng On" to its original condition. The Traditional Pawnshop Exhibition illustrates the old history of pawnshops in Macau and the role it plays in the growing economy of Macau.

"Tak Seng On" [The Virtue and Success Pawnshop] was established in 1917, and initially belonged to a wealthy Macau merchant Mr. Kou Ho Ning. The architectural design and layout, interior decor and equipment in this shop is very similar to pawnshops in Mainland China at the time.

During the peak years of the pawn business in Macau, pawnshops were classified according to the kind of pledge they offered: Tong, On or Ngat:

Tong - involved the maximum level of capital investment, in terms of scale and resources. Items could be pawned for up to three years and the interest rate was the lowest.

On - loans could be arranged for one or two years at a slightly higher rate of interest.

Ngat - had the smallest level of operating funds. These shops offered loans for periods ranging from four months to one year at the highest interest rate. It offers a quick solution for gamblers and cash-strapped clients who would usually pawn watches, jewellery or fountain pens.

Nowadays, with the emergence of a strong banking sector and modern pawnshops, this affected the role of the traditional pawnshops operating in Macau.

Opening Hours: From 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Closed on the first Monday of every month)
Address: Av. Almeida Ribeiro No. 396

當業是一門古老的行業, 在世界各地均存在典當業。

澳門的典當業在本澳昔日的經濟中扮演過重要的角色, 歷史悠久, 清未民初時更加是成行成市。

德成按是民國六年開設的一間當鋪, 原為澳門富商高可寧之物業。 這間當鋪的格局無論外形建筑設計, 內部陳設的安排及典當記錄的工具和程序等均按民初時期中國當鋪的基本方式而設置。 如今這些古舊當鋪已成為歷史陳跡。 澳門特別行政區政府文化局為保存澳門的歷史文化, 特將「德成按」維修整理恢復昔日當鋪的面貌, 供市民及游人參觀。

開放時間: 上午十時三十分至晚上七時 (每月第一個星期一休館)
地址: 澳門新馬路396號
票價: 澳門幣五元正


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