Friday, March 28, 2008

Lou Kau Mansion 盧家大屋 (卢家大屋)

Lou Kau Mansion is located at Travessa da Se No.7, one of the alleys close to Largo do Senado. The Mansion was built in around 1889 and its one of the residences of the wealthy Lou Lim Iok family.

The mansion was constructed in grey brick, the house was divided into a main hall with side wings with a very nice ornamental windows, stain doors and complicated decorated walls. The architectural characteristics of the mansion is a typical of Xiguan Chinese residential house.

A screen was placed to prevent bad luck at the main entrance, according to the requirements of geomancy. The ornamental window design reflects the influence of Western architecture. This includes the neo-classical balustrades and perforated wooden ceilings.

The Two courtyards at Lou Kau Mansion are separates the three main halls and all are arranged within an axis. The three halls are the Entrance Hall, Tea Hall and Senior Hall, as this demonstrates the hierarchical structure of Chinese families.

盧家大屋(Casa de Lou Kau)又稱金玉堂, 位於大堂巷七號, 據屋內左次間天井檐口的題詩年份顯示該大屋約於清光緒十五年(1889 年)落成, 是澳門二十世紀初商人盧華紹(盧九)住宅。 大屋高兩層, 以青磚建造, 布局彷廣州西關大屋, 但從中能找到一些歐洲特色的裝飾品或加建之部分。 1992年被澳門政府評為「具建筑藝術價值之建筑物」成為受保護建筑。

之後盧氏家族沒落, 業權輾轉到外人手上。 大屋被分租出去, 曾有大批難民涌入進住, 最高峰時期曾有二十多戶住客, 且在八十年代前缺乏維修, 亦因此大屋很多部份被拆掉改建。 及后澳門文化局於2002年7月為此進行復修並列入澳門歷史城區的一部份。


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