Friday, March 28, 2008

Our Lady of Carmel Church 嘉模聖母堂 (嘉模圣母堂)

Situated at the Carmel Square in Taipa, The Church of Our Lady of Carmel was built in 1885 and was rebuilt in 1985. It stands on a hill overlooking the sea in Taipa village. It was built to serve the Catholics in Taipa. It is the only Catholic church in Taipa today and was built in the neoclassical style. The hall inside the church can accommodate over two hundred worshippers at one time, making it a popular venue for weddings. The statue of Virgin Mary stands on an altar flanked by statuettes of angels, added to commemorate the centenary of the church.

位於氹仔嘉模前地的嘉模聖母堂是1885年為方便氹仔教徒的宗教活動而建, 同時象徵當年葡萄牙人來到氹仔。 該堂曾於1985年重修, 是氹仔唯一的天主教堂。 教堂佔地二千余平方尺, 頂部為鐘樓。 禮堂高大寬敞, 可容二百多教友同時參加儀式。 聖壇上置聖母像, 據說是從歐洲運來, 其兩側有數尺高的天使像, 造型栩栩如生, 是為紀念建堂百周年而置。 教堂位於龍環葡韻上面, 是澳門居民舉行婚禮和郊游觀光的好去處。


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