Thursday, August 30, 2007

Major Attractions in Macau - Wine Museum 澳門景點 - 澳門葡萄酒博物館 (澳门景点 - 澳门葡萄酒博物馆)

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The Wine Museum aimed to introduce the development of brewing culture of wine to visitors. The museum occupies an area of 1400 square meters with a collection of more than 1115 brands of wine (756 commercial wines and 359 collection wines), in which “Martle” produced in 1815 is the earliest one.

葡萄酒博物館是位於澳門新口岸旅遊活動中心內的博物館,除了介紹釀酒、葡萄種植歷史,瀏覽葡萄種植、釀製工具器皿和各種陳年葡萄酒酒之外,還可讓遊客品嚐美酒。整個參觀區分為三大部分: 釀酒歷史區, 酒類收藏區, 酒類陳列區

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