Thursday, August 30, 2007

Major Attractions in Macau - Maritime Museum 澳門景點 - 澳門海事博物館 (澳门景点 - 澳门海事博物馆)

The Macau Maritime Museum was built on the site where the Portuguese explorers landed on Macau in 1553. The museum was enlarged in 1990, and the design follows the typical European style museum layouts. It explore major themes in the history of the maritime industry in Macau, China and Portugal.

澳門海事博物館是澳門歷史最悠久的一間博物館,對面是媽閣廟。當年葡萄牙人第一次澳門,他們不清楚這地方叫什麼名字,問當地居民,居民回答:「媽閣!」。從此成了澳門, (葡文Macau,英文Macao)名的由來,為了紀念此事便在媽閣廟對面設立這所海事博物館。

Source : and taken by andrastia

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