Thursday, August 30, 2007

Major Attractions in Macau - Monte Fort 澳門景點 - 大炮台 (澳门景点 - 大炮台)

The fortress was built in 1617-1626 by Jesuits and it has served by various functions. Over the following decades because of more and more tress growing, the fort now is becoming a public park and one of the famous attraction where residents and visitors came to enjoy the panaromic view of Macau.

澳門炮台是為昔日維持地區安全的軍事設施。澳門的炮台在密度與數量方面都堪稱中國最多炮 台的地方。現今炮台已全部退役,大部分已被清拆或被改建,餘下的成為澳門境內古老建築物。各炮台沒有劃一設計,所安設大炮數量亦沒有劃一的規定。不同地區 炮台會與其他地區的炮台共同組成軍事火力防禦網,維護防禦地區安全。炮台除安設大炮,通常都設有監視亭、軍火庫、兵營等軍事設施。

Source : and takenby Nick Acidic

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